Helping Australian Farmers and Travellers Ltd.

Welcome to Helping Australian Farmers and Travellers Ltd.

Helping Australian Farmers and Travellers Ltd has been registered as a charity with the ACNC.

The organisation has been registered with the following charity subtype:

  • Advancing health
  • Advancing social or public welfare
  • Public benevolent institution

Registration is effective from 14 August 2017.

ACN: 615 009 946
ABN: 52615009946
This company’s mission is to pursue the
Following charitable purpose(s):
To help Australian farmers and/or grazers and at times of natural disaster by way of supplying food & water as needed to sustain life to help the farmer and/or grazer in need of assistance at times of natural disaster in any way possible. We will also have trained Counsellors to help with the stress farmers are going through.
At no time does any income from this website or the company get paid to any company member or director.
All money is used to help farmers only in times of need.

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Enjoy your experience with us and help our farmers.

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