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Our Objectives


Suicide Prevention program’s In Rural Australia

As a starting point we will concentrate on the first thing we see as the most important project that will be able to be funded with much smaller types of fundraising.

Suicide Prevention Program’s in Rural Australia

In Australia we are losing around 4.5 people each and every day in Rural Australia. That is 1,642 Suicides in Rural Australia each year. That is 53% of all Suicides in Australia each year. (Reference: A.B.S. 2018).

The average age of these Suicides in Rural Australia are 43 years old. If you add up all those years of experience from each person that is 70,627.5 years of experience we are losing each and every year from the people that FEED YOU.

Each of these Suicide Prevention Program’s in Rural Australia will cost around $10,000 to be able to train up to 25 people in Suicide Prevention.

In 2018 we trained a total of 45 people in Suicide Prevention those people may be able to save the lives of over 135 people each year.

But we need to do a lot more and we need your help to get the job done.

All of the following are our long term objectives that we hope one day we are able to roll out.

Counsellors Project:

We will put a team of 7 trained counsellors in each Drought affected area. We will be looking for farmers that are at breaking point due to the stress of drought on their farm. We could save the life of a farmer or a member of the farmers family that is under so much stress that the farmer or the family member could take their own life as so many have done all over Australia in the past few years. If we only save one Rural Australian the whole project has worked.

We understand that farmers will resist talking to a counsellor that just turns up at their farm. But we are being proactive with doing this instead of being just another group sitting in an office waiting for a phone call that a farmer is unlikely to ever make. With the counsellor being right there in front of them and trained the correct way we hope this will trigger their willingness to start the conversion, then we are able to take it from there. We believe we will have a much better chance of getting the farmer to talk to us this way.

When a farmer has been identified as being in need of stress counselling phone appointments will be set up so counsellors from our office can keep in touch with them and give them the help they require on an ongoing basis until we are satisfied that the farmer is able to handle the stress they are under. Then we will keep in contact on a less regular basis just to make sure the farmer is doing OK.

But the counsellor that visits the farmer will also identify those farmers that are in need of our other projects and get all the farmers registered on our property database.

Putting food on the farmers table and water in their tanks.

I know just how hard it is for a farming family to feed themselves when there is no income coming in. Even when a drought is declared (And only QLD, NSW & Vic have Drought declared areas) it is not classed as a natural disaster by any State of Australia or the ATO. The farmers are only offered low interest loans that they have to pay back starting from the first month after they get the loan. To do this without any income and also paying the banks what they need to pay makes this whole system a joke and does not help the farmer in any way at all.

The fact that we can put food on the farmers table and water in their tanks will go a long way to help them survive the drought that sometimes lasts for years.

Also drought can result in a farming family that have owned and operated the property for generations loose the property to the banks because of Mother Nature and by no fault of their own this can be devastating for any farmer.

Food to the farmers

The way we put food on the farmers table is very simple and cost effective.
We make a list with the help from the councillors, of the farmers in an area that is serviced by a local general store.

We then contact that store and send them the list. The farmer picks up the food they date and sign the list. When the list is completed it is sent back to us so we can check it and log the supply to those farms. We will be supplying the type of food products that a farmer is not able to produce for themselves such as Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Spices, flour, and the list goes on. Have a look in your own pantry and you will see just what we are talking about.

The general store is pre-paid to supply the food to the farmers at a rate of $450 per farmer per month. So if we had 150 farms in the general stores area we would deposit $67,500 into the stores Australian bank account 7 days before supply this would have to be done so the store was able to get enough supplies delivered to the store. This would continue until all the farms are able to feed themselves again. Currently there would be around 2,000 farms in need across Queensland alone and this would cost $900,000 per month to supply food to these farmers.

But we will only be able to supply what we can pay for. Therefore we will need to raise a lot of money to have this project operate at 100% outcome.

This project also will have another effect. The local general store will earn an income so they do not have to close the store due to not having any income as this has happened to a lot of country general stores over the years.

Delivering Drinking Water to the Farms.

Because the drought areas do not have water to supply to the farms the water would have to come from an area that has enough water to supply.

We will buy trucks and tankers to deliver the water where and when needed.
We can set up road trains that could carry 96,000Lt per trip. This would supply 3 farms 33,000Lt per delivery. This water would last each farm at least 6 months of drinking water.

People do not think about the water they drink in the large towns & Cities because it is just at the local shop or from the tap.

But the people in Rural Australia have to wait until it rains or they have to spend thousands of dollars to have a truck bring it to them.

Some farmers in Rural Australia are not able to just nip down to the shop to buy a 20 pack of water bottles because the local shop can be 300K’s or more away.


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